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Project Description
WDAB adds location transparency to WCF services by providing a hosting environment which enables moving services from host to host at runtime. It also enables load-balancing scenarios by instantiating multiple instances of same service across many hosts.

WDAB creates another abstraction level on top of WCF. WDAB services don't care about bindings and addresses, only contracts. Services can be transfered from one host to another at runtime, transparently to their clients. Clients discover services simply by requesting reference to service contract. The underlying infrastructure takes care of finding least loaded server. WDAB also provides facilities to apply aspect oriented concepts (using Castle.DynamicProxy), but this function will be removed as WDAB will move to Unity 1.2.

Detailed project description

WDAB roadmap

WDAB was created as a Innovation Programme project in VSoft. This programme lets us, developers, spend 20 percent of our time working on projects not directly connected to main company's projects. When this 20 percent is not enough and someone wants to work on the project in his/her free time, the project can be published at CodePlex as this one is. Then, the copyrights are shared by developer and the company. So as you see, VSoft is a great place to work!

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