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WDAB roadmap

WDAB was originally developed as closed-source project at VSoft. When it came up that there is much more ideas than time to implement them solely during 20 percent innovation time, I proposed opening the project. It made me able to work on it at home in my free time. Here are some of these ideas, in most propable order of implementation:
  • Migration from Unity 1.0 to Unity 1.2. This transition will render custom proxying mechanism based on Castle obsolete and allow integration with Enterprise Library's PIAB.
  • Improvements in fault handling in service proxies. The planned mechanism for automatical detection of out-of-date configuration and transparent update needs to be implemented. Currenly configuration update must be initiated by hand
  • Integration with NetMX, a lightweight management and monitoring framework. Some management beans need to be implemented in order to expose service health data, such as number of requests, average request duration, error count etc.
  • Implementation of asynchronous services. This will be simply integration of an idea of CCR-based implementation of WCF contracts which will be available at CodePlex soon (as a separate project).
  • Addition of instrumentation support using performance counters and WMI. This is a requirement for every custom Application Block to be compatibile with Enterprise Library.

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